John Lusk

What I'm looking for:
Professionally speaking, I am searching for a marketing oriented senior-level position with a company looking to differentiate itself through a unique customer experience and strong brand identity. In my terms, I'm looking to do exactly what I did with MouseDriver except on a much bigger scale with a more sustainable company. I've got a knack for marketing, can 'evangelize' anything that I have passion for, and hope to be instrumental in creating a phenomenal consumer brand.

What I'm good at:
· 'Grass Roots' marketing and Public Relations
· Inspiring and motivating (aka Leadership)
· Turning visions into reality
· Developing and executing really successful (and cool) marketing and branding strategies
' Communicating and evangelizing
· Providing unique customer experiences
· Public speaking (so I've been told)

Target Market Characteristics
Geographic Area: San Francisco Bay Area preferred
Types of Companies: Consumer based companies in a position to provide a unique customer experience.
Size of Organization: Early stage to small (<15M in Sales)

· MBA, Wharton School of Business
· BA MIS, Southern Methodist University

' Played semi-pro soccer
' Avid adventure racer and snowboarder
' Lived in Denmark

Contact Info
Phone: 415.923-5960